Vincenzo Di Felice

Vincenzo Di Felice

Enzo has been practicing Osteopathy since 1992 and is therefore amongst the most experienced Osteopaths in Melbourne. He was born in Melbourne and completed the 5 year full time Osteopathy course in 1992 at RMIT and since then he has worked in Melbourne, interstate and internationally. He then returned to Melbourne in 2003 where he and wife Simone began a practice in South Melbourne before relocating to and opening Port Melbourne Osteopathy in 2006.

Enzo has been involved in Tertiary education for many years as a lecturer and examiner at RMIT in Melbourne and UWS in Sydney, as well as a clinical supervisor and examiner at VUT. He also immensely enjoyed teaching at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Florence, Italy.

His philosophy is that Osteopathic treatment can be an important part of a patient’s management however in most instances the patient needs to become proactive in their own treatment. This may entail exercise therapy, postural advice, relaxation exercises etc which Enzo will individually prescribe for his patients.

Having previously been a headache, migraine, and back pain sufferer he has a special interest in helping patients with these ailments. Given the prevalence today of increased sedentary work loads and our modern stressful lifestyles these conditions are becoming unfortunatley increasingly widespread.

He prides himself in his ability to use a wide array of techniques so that the most appropriate techniques can be applied to each individual patient. Continuing professional development has resulted in his ability to apply treatments ranging from gentle myofascial releases to trigger point dry needling to joint manipulative techniques.