Jade Friend

Jade Friend

Note: Jade will be taking a sabbatical during 2022. We will advise once she has returned to the practice.

Jade graduated from Victoria University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Health Science.  

Jade’s strong interest in Human anatomy combined with her interest in approaching patients from a wholistic stance made Osteopathy the perfect choice for her.

Jade has predominantly worked in private practices over the years but has also spent time working within the Public health system at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in their Outpatient clinics. Jade and her family also spent 2 years living and working overseas on a small Pacific Island (Cook Islands) where she set up her own practice and worked closely with the local community.

Jade has a keen interest in treating headaches and migraines and has spent the last few years improving her expertise in this area, especially around specific causes and appropriate treatments.  She has completed the first level of the Watson Headache Approach. Information regarding this new approach can be found here –  https://watsonheadache.com/

Additional to this, she has a strong interest in treating the shoulder complex and has completed several courses recently updating her knowledge relating to shoulder injuries and the current preferred treatment approaches.

Jade is, however, very happy to treat all musculoskeletal conditions ranging from back pain and hip pain, to upper limb or neck pain.